Hello does anyone have experience with essential tremor? I am working with an 11 year old with handwriting speed difficulties and food preparation in particular cracking an egg. I'd be very grateful for any ideas thank you 

asked Nov 10, 2017

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Try placing paper over a softer surface compared to a hard desktop. So, place the writing paper on a notebook or even foam crafting sheets. This can help with the tremor's hand movements.

Another thing to consider is that ET is exacerbated by things like stress, fatigue, and other conditons. Try reducing the stress your client experiences with handwriting, by providing a low stress and supportive environment when writing. And to consider fatigue-writing tasks completed in the beginning of the day or class.

I hope that helps!

posted Nov 11, 2017

There is a helpful list of coping tips, as well as other information, from the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF)


posted Nov 19, 2017

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