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I am qualifying in OT this July. I would like to spend a few months volunteering this summer as an OT in a third world country. I feel I would have a lot to contribute to any volunteer organisation with my OT qualification. However, all the opportunities for this that I have found are quite expensive. I was wondering if anyone knew of volunteering as an OT in this kind of setting which wasn't as expensive. I am happy to pay my own way but don't want to have to pay 800euro+ just to be part of the program. 


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asked Nov 09, 2017

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Some of them are very expensive! I did find a few which might be interesting to explore more: 



WFOT has some resources: http://www.wfot.org/FAQs/Workingasavolunteer.aspx

What countries are you looking into? I am also wondering if you look into the hospitals in the country you are interested in and inquire through them. They may have some more information regarding volunteer organizations.

Maybe others here have more to add.



posted Nov 11, 2017

Thanks so much for your response! Will look into all of this. 

I was also think this but prefer to go with a group for safety. 

Many thanks! 

posted Dec 12, 2017

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