I work in Early Intervention and will be seeing a 7 month old with primordial dwarfism, who at 7 months weighs just 4 pounds.  She currently sits with moderate to max support.   She needs some seating options...obviously for many reasons, but most urgently for feeding right now.    Any ideas from anyone who may have dealt with this particular issue and adapted (or created!) seating for a child of this size? 

asked Nov 08, 2017

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What about a small tumbleform or special tomato seat with towel rolls to fill in the extra space?  Is that too costly?

posted Nov 11, 2017

I agree with the answer above--contact a NuMotion representative in your area for a seating evaluation, or just to pick their brains! Tumbleform would probably be your best bet for floor seating. Also, keep Charlotte's Day in mind.


They provide FREE speciality feeding chairs to children who are in feeding therapy currently who need special seating. I have not worked with them, but it looks like a great organization. 

posted Nov 16, 2017

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