In school-based therapy, goals must be educationally relevant. If a student needs to work on separation of the sides of the hand and finger excursion for a functional pencil grasp, what kind of goal can be written that the teacher can keep doing every day? We wouldn’t write clinical goals because the school-based OT is not the implementer, but a related service support to the teachers. The teachers always state that they are not OTs, so they don’t bother with pencil grasp. 

asked Nov 08, 2017

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In Illinois, we are not supposed to write goals in the school.  We are there as a related service to support the academic goals.  I know a lot of OTs still do write the goals though. It has taken me about 3-4 years to get all the teachers I work with on board with me NOT writing goals.

That being said, if grasp is affecting the student's writing, then I will tag onto the writing goal, and I will support that goal by working on grasp.  The student wouldn't have a specific goal for grasp.

posted Nov 08, 2017
How did you get teachers on board? And what do you do for IEPs that don’t have goals to relate to? Do you not serve those kids? - Linot Nov 09, 2017

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