What are your best tips for addressing low frustration in kids when addressing handwriting needs? 

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The best thing that I use, is connecting with the child first about something that they love.  Whether it is Pokemon, Minecraft, Motocross racing etc... the first step is to pique the child's interest.  Once you have hooked them on the topic, using multisensory ways of doing writing (magnadoodle, shaving cream, rainbow writing, playdoh) is usually better received than regular writing.  If you have to work on handwriting within the lines, I personally use a technique that talks about different animlas inside the lines and make up stories about the lines.  So (being an Aussie) the blue lines are the wombat tunnel where letters like a e o live.  The Emu letters are tall and reach up to the red sunset sky (the top red line) and the letters with tails are possum letters and they have lava proof tails and so they can go down below the tunnel and go into the "lava zone", near the bottom red line.  That way, when a child makes their "a" go below the blue line, instead of saying - oh no - the a didn't go in the right place, you can say "oh no!  The a is going to get burned by the lava!"  Kids seem to tolerate handwriting better when they can be the hero and save their letters from dying in the lava!

posted Nov 16, 2017

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