Hi, I am looking to switch settings from hand therapy to pediatrics and need some insight as to how to do this. If any pediatric OT is willing to help out and me some direction as to how to start this. I feel like I have no pediatric experience whatsoever and would like to know how to make this transition. 

asked Mar 09, 2018

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Hi, I am a school-based COTA and I had an OTR supervisor who made the switch quite a few years ago. She said she did some pediatric job shadowing and volunteering with a variety of pediatric providers. She also did a lot of professional development related to peds as well. Just a thought! Good luck! Peds is the best! 

posted Mar 10, 2018

When I went from hospital based (geriatric/outpatient) to school based therapy I took an AOTA course that they had specific to school based therapy to learn the different aspects of treatment/legal implications as well.  I would start with looking up self study courses through AOTA.

posted Mar 15, 2018

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