Since school-based OTs provide a related service in Texas, if the teacher does not provide a writing goal for a student, should the OT not pick up the student if there are fine motor deficits? OTs are not supposed to write their own goals.

asked Dec 04, 2017
I have heard many times that the OT is not supposed to be writing goals as a related service. How do I change this in my schools? I am in 4 school districts in Missouri and am still writing goals for all of them. I feel like if I tell them I’m not supposed to be writing goals, they would laugh in my face. - RPrewitt Jan 24, 2018

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How is the fine motor deficit impacting the students ability to partcipate in school? Do you have a specific example? Maybe the teacher needs to be educated on how the fine motor deficit impacts the students ability to do certain tasks. Then they might be more open to doing a combined goal with you. 

posted Dec 10, 2017

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