Does anyone know of any free or inexpensive ipad apps to work on Pre-writing skills?

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Top iPad Apps To Improve Pre-writing & Writing Skills (With Videos)

November 22, 2017

Jayson Davies M.A. OTR/L


Have you ever heard the term FOMO?


FOMO is the:






And with 2.2 million plus apps on the app store, how can you not experience at least a bit of FOMO? Especially when you realize new apps are being added everyday! I mean, I’ve had my ipad for more than 4 years, and I still download new apps a few times a month that I feel could benefit my students.


Aside from having a FOMO on new apps, my other biggest fear is paying for an app and then never using it. Yeah, they may only cost a dollar or two, sometimes ten, but it adds up.


That’s why I decided to put together this resource of apps that work on the foundational skills needed for writing. 


Here, you will find the apps I use specifically for treatment. Along with the name of the App, I have also made a video of the app so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase and/or download it.


So, I hope these videos help you decide where to spend your time and energy. 


Quick note: Links included are Affiliate links. This means that the OT School House may earn a small commision from paid apps at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support by using our links.


Let’s get started.

1) Montezuma Puzzle

    Price: Free

Montezuma Puzzle, like many of the games below, is a great reward game that still works on many valuable skills such as problem solving and planning. Add in a stylus and you can also work on pre-writing skills and a pencil grasp. 


Get it here!


2) On The Line (OTL)

    Price: Free

OTL is a fantastic game to work on pencil and visual-motor skills with a stylus. Super simple, just stay in the white area while the screen moves downward. I have sped the video up here for times sake, but it is very child friendly. Highly recommend this one. 


Get OTL Now!


3) Letter School

    Price: $6.99

    Free "lite" version also available Here

Letter school is my first go to for a letter formation learning app. Students (and adults for that matter) really love the challenge of the "ghost letters" as I call the 3rd step in the letter writing process. Check out the video to see how the app progresses from teaching the starting points, to tracing, to independently writing each letter and number. Be sure to use a stylus! (Noticing a trend with a stylus)


Get it here!


Need a stylus?


Click on the picture to the right to get a pack of 10 for about $5. That way you have extras when give them out to teachers =)



4) Writing Wizard

    Price: $4.99

To mix up the writing apps for my students, I also use Writing Wizard. What is great about this app is it's ability to customize settings and words. You can put the student's name in or even their entire spelling list. Like Letter School, Writing Wizard keeps the students very interested in writing. Stylus, you ask? Of course!


Get Writing Wizard Here!


5) SnapType Pro

    Price: $4.99

    Free Version Here

Snap Type provides a great alternative to those students who are limited by their writing and can type more efficiently than they can write. Snap Type allows the user to take a picture of anything, click anywhere on the picture, and begin typing. Pair aBluetooth keyboard for even more functionality. 


Forget SnapChat, Get SnapType Pro!


6) Little Finder ABC

    Price: Free

Little Finder ABC provides a fun way to assess and practice letter recognition. I often get referrals for students who can copy but can't write letters without a model. I refer this game to teachers to help the student identify letters before we start working on writing without a model. Check out the video.


Get Letter Finder!


7) Ready To Print

    Price: $9.99

At first I was turned off by this app, but as I learned how powerful it is, I fell in love with it. It is so adaptable and the settings can be changed to make it fit your needs. It also keeds data for you so you can see progress made by your student. 


Print Now!


8) Dexteria Jr.

    Price: $3.99

Dexteria Jr. is my favorite Pre-writing skills app. After the student completes tracing and erasing the lines, they get to take a SELFIE! And not just any selfie, a distorted selfie that is so much fun! Along with the pre-writing skills, there are also two fine motor games: Squish the Squash & Pinch the Pepper game. Check out the video!


Get Dexteria Jr. Here


9) Dexteria

    Price: $4.99

On to Dexteria (senior). I'm not the biggest fan of their tracing game,  but the Tap it finger separation and sequencing game is very cool. Keep your thumb on the blue circle and tap the triangles in the correct sequence with your other four fingers.


Get Dexteria


10) Vision Tap

    Price: Free with in-app purchase available

Another one that confused me at first with it's several games, Vision Tap has a lot of great things going for it. It may look a little dry, but it is powerful as a vision skills assessment and tracking tool. Good for those students who you think has some poor ocular-motor skills. 


Click Here for Vision Tap!


11) Spatial Line Puzzles


    Price: Free with in-app purchases available for more levels



Possibly my favorite of the 12 games, Spatial Line Puzzles is simple to learn and fun to master. Start with connecting dots to match the sample and move on to memorizing a picture to copy when there are no dots. check out the video to get the best idea of why I like it. 


Complete The Puzzles!


12) Piko's Blocks

    Price: Free

Piko's Blocks is another visual spatial game, but in 3D. Better for the older kids, they like it because it reminds them of Minecraft. Not only do you have to match in this game, but you also have to create a mirrored image, which can be a tricky, but necessary skill.  


From ~ OT School House

posted Nov 27, 2017

Gaar Prewriting is a free app for Android/Google or IOS (needs to be updated for IOS 11 though...seeing this quite a bit). I like it and my young students with autism really liked it (sometimes a great first app for turn-taking too). Not many free prewriting ones sad to say. 


posted Nov 28, 2017

Also check out new Facebook group Apps for OT

posted Nov 28, 2017

iWriteWords ($2.99) and iWrite Words Lite (free) is good for preschoolers.  

posted Nov 28, 2017

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