I am new to the OT profession and School-based OT this year, working in an elementary school. I am struggling with providing services for students who have sensory processing needs. I am getting a LOT of sensory-based referrals this year and unsure whether I should be pulling these students out for services to "work" on sensory processing or more so collaborating and consulting with the teacher to help promote sensory processing within the classroom through adaptations and modifications. I feel as though in a school, its hard to actually have the appropriate equipment/space/time to really try and change sensory processing. I have provided teachers with numerous strategies (alternative seating, foot fidgets, movement ideas, heavy work ideas, hand fidgets, etc.) and they keep coming back with, "it didnt work, behavior hasn't changed, he/ she used it inappropriately, he/she didn't want to use the tool/ do the movement break"....Feeling at a loss here.. Any insight or suggestions would be helpful!

asked Nov 26, 2017

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I feel that is is helpful to pull out if possible, in addition to the suggestions provided to the teachers that you mentioned.  Is your school willing or able to allow you to have space to set up a sensory room? 

I also like teaching self-regulation using the Alert Program......   https://www.alertprogram.com

posted Nov 27, 2017

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