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Examining the Neuroscience Evidence for Sensory-Driven Neuroplasticity: Implications for Sensory-Based Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents
"The review focused on sensorimotor-based neuroplasticity; explored the data that addressed the links among sensory input, brain function, and behavior; and evaluated its relevance in terms of supporting or refuting the theoretical premise of occupational therapy using an SI framework (OT/SI) to treatment."
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created Jan 17, 2018
Review of case study reports of children with RSD
0 votes | 6  views
created Jan 17, 2018
Assessment and Treatment of a Pediatric Patient in Chronic Care: Ethnographic Methods Applied to Occupational Therapy Practice
"This article shows how the meaning of therapeutic activities changes for the patient over time...."
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created Dec 30, 2017
Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: Issues in Community Function
"In this article, school-based therapists are urged to look beyond a child’s motor limitations to address the cognitive and neuropsychological problems typical of this population."
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created Dec 30, 2017
Training Needs of Pediatric Occupational Therapists in Assistive Technology
This article discusses the need for training. "The training of providers working with children who need assistive technology devices or services has not kept pace with the explosion of new, more sophisticated assistive technology devices now available. "
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created Dec 30, 2017
Considerations in Evaluation and Treatment of the Child With Low Vision
"...early intervention of the child with visual impairments should involve a holistic approach that addresses both the development of vision and the general development of the child "
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created Dec 30, 2017
Pediatric Occupational Therapy in the Home
"This article discusses the challenges and implications for pediatric practice in the home. "
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created Dec 30, 2017
The Role of Play in Pediatric Occupational Therapy
"This study examined the roles that play occupies within current occupational therapy practice with preschoolers."
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created Dec 30, 2017
Sensory Modulation and Affective Disorders in Children and Adolescents With Asperger’s Disorder
"The data (from this study) supports positive relationships between anxiety and sensory defensiveness in all age ranges and a relationship between depression and hyposensitivity in older children. Stronger inverse relationships were apparent between specific adaptive behaviors..."
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created Dec 30, 2017
Results of Research on Tapping Touch
Changes in anxiety levels, psychosomatic senses, psychological states as a result of tapping touch
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created Dec 19, 2017
A Sensorimotor Program for Improving Writing Readiness Skills in Elementary-Age Children
"This article discusses a writing readiness program used with three groups of children aged 5 to 7 years. The program combines occupational therapy treatment with a supplementary program implemented by school personnel or parents. The Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration–Revised (Beery, 1982) was used to measure the developmental level of the children’s writing readiness skills before and after treatment. "
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created Dec 12, 2017
Perceptual-Motor Function of School-Age Children With Slow Handwriting Speed
"This study investigated differences in perceptual-motor measures and sustained attention between children with slow and normal handwriting speed and the relationship between these factors."
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created Dec 12, 2017
A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of the Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy for Children With Sensory Modulation Disorder
"Twenty-four children with SMD were randomly assigned to one of three treatment conditions; OT-SI, Activity Protocol, and No Treatment. Pretest and posttest measures of behavior, sensory and adaptive functioning, and physiology were administered. Findings suggest that OT-SI may be effective in ameliorating difficulties of children with SMD."
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created Dec 09, 2017
Effectiveness of Therapy Ball Chairs on Classroom Participation in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
This study looks at the use of ball chairs in the classroom. The following conclusion was drawn: "the results illuminate the complex nature of children with ASD, of behavior and learning, and of occupation and the importance of using sophisticated clinical reasoning skills when making recommendations for interventions in the classroom for children with ASD. Additional research that addresses the relationship of sensory processing patterns and improved classroom participation is indicated before therapy ball chairs should be used as an evidence-based intervention."
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created Dec 09, 2017
Evidence-Based Review of Interventions for Autism Used in or of Relevance to Occupational Therapy
Six areas of research literature were reviews t determine effectiveness of interventions for autism. "The findings have implications for intervention methods, communication regarding efficacious practices to professionals and consumers, and future occupational therapy research."
4 votes | 52  views
created Dec 08, 2017
Occupational Therapy Home Programs for Cerebral Palsy: Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial
Study showed that ...."Pediatricians can advise families that OT Home Programs developed with a collaborative, evidence-based approach and implemented by parents at home were clinically effective if implemented 17.5 times per month for an average of 16.5 minutes per session."
4 votes | 25  views
created Dec 08, 2017

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