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Left Right Together... A Comprehensive Guide to Bilateral Integration!
Hand preference, crossing the midline, bilateral coordination are all related concepts. Read about the development of bilateral coordination, development of hand preference and common classroom problems, There are over 50 activity suggestions here as well as a link to the popular "Bilateral Integration and Laterality Reference Sheet".
A Sensory Diet... nothing to do with food!
A "sensory diet" is related to activities that a child performs through the day to help them to "modulate" their bodies - so not food related at all! Over 100 activity suggestions here that may be included in a sensory diet as well as a link to the popular "Sensory Diet Reference Sheet". This popular resource is available to share with parents and teachers and provides a wealth of options within a child's every day life for sensory input.
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created Nov 22, 2017
Holding a pencil... does it really matter how?
There is a predictable progression of pencil with typically developing child. What other aspects are considered with pencil grasp? Find photographs and descriptions of early grasps, inefficient grasps and functional pencil grasps. You will also find a link to the very popular "Pencil Grasp Reference Sheet". This reference sheet is the perfect resource to share with parents and teachers.
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created Nov 22, 2017
ABCs of Active Learning Multisensory Literacy Activities
Introducing Laurie Gombash! Laurie is a physical therapist who loves to teach the alphabet through movement and a range of multi-sensory activities. To capture an array of learning variability gives children an opportunity to learn in ways they understand through their senses. Laurie is sharing her latest book, ABC's of Active Learning© ! What an exciting resource that would be valuable for anyone working with young children!
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created Nov 21, 2017
Christmas Activity Sheet
I've created an activity sheet that would work well on the Christmas table with your kids! Therapists may like to use it their sessions or give it to their students as a holiday activity. There is plenty to do on the activity sheet including a find-a-word, gingerbread man search, colouring and drawing! Your child can work on their visual perceptual skills as well as pencil control whilst having fun with this activity sheet! Get your FREE copy today!
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created Nov 21, 2017
Occupational Therapy Interventions for Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder
"In this Evidence Connection article, we describe a case report of an adolescent with autism spectrum disorder. The occupational therapy assessment and treatment processes for school, home, community, and transition settings are described. Findings from the systematic reviews on this topic were published in the September/ October 2015 issue of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy and in AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder"
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created Nov 19, 2017
Free Sensory Processing Email Course
This free 5-day email course provides an overview of sensory processing disorder, the 8 sensory systems, different sub-types of SPD and signs of dysregulation of each system. Includes suggestions for activities to use for each system so you can see what works for your child.
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created Nov 13, 2017
School-based OT handouts - in Spanish
5 School-based OT handouts - perfect for parents and teachers, translated into Spanish. Handwriting practice tips All about shoulder stability Hand strengthening activities 3 Simple tricks to get your child writing How to teach crayon and pencil grip
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created Nov 13, 2017
Free OT Bulletin Board Posters
These colorful posters are perfect for the clinic or therapy room - Just print and hang!
Free Handwriting Email Series
This free email course outlines the 6 components of handwriting, how to teach them, and how to correct the bad habits that children commonly adopt. Includes a freebie packet of parent/teacher handouts.
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created Nov 13, 2017
5 School Based Occupational Therapy Handouts for Parents and Teachers
Hand strengthening activities 3 simple tricks to help your child with handwriting How to teach pencil and crayon grip All about shoulder stability Handwriting practice tips
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created Nov 13, 2017
Pre-Writing Worksheets
Printable pre-writing worksheets using patterns, tracing, and pre-writing skills.
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created Nov 08, 2017
How to Write a Blog Post
Use these tips to write a blog post on The OT Toolbox Community. Print the tutorial for ease of creating a blog post.
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created Nov 08, 2017
Alternative Seating Options
Seating options designed to promote postural awareness, trunk strength, & lower body weight bearing to facilitate upper body activation.
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created Oct 16, 2017
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created Oct 16, 2017
Classroom Seating Options
Classroom seating options to help students regulate their sensory systems and prepare to learn.
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created Oct 16, 2017
Fine Motor Stations for School and Home
Use these ideas to develop fine motor centers or stations to strengthen and develop fine motor skills.
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created Oct 16, 2017
Resources for school-based OT
Information for school based OTs including Evaluation, Frequencies, 504 Plans, Workloads, Must follow blogs, AT Resources, Social Stories, and more.
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created Oct 16, 2017
Norms for core strength in children
Norms for core strength in children
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created Oct 16, 2017
Writing SMART goals for school based OT and PT
Write Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound goals for school based OT and PT.
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created Oct 16, 2017
Guide to Self Regulation
Activities and resources for self-regulation
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created Oct 16, 2017
Quick Ways to Calm Down
Sensory solutions based on sensory processing theory designed to calm children, using a sea theme.
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created Oct 16, 2017
Crossing the Midline Activity
Creative activity to promote crossing midline and integrating the right and left sides of the body.
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created Oct 16, 2017
How to Play With Your Newborn Baby
10 simple ways to play with a newborn baby to promote development and bonding.
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created Oct 16, 2017
Developmental milestones and activities to promote independence at each stage
.Developmental milestones for tummy time, learning to roll, sit, crawl, stand, and cruise. Each milestone includes links to posts more information and activities to promote development. progress toward each one.
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created Oct 16, 2017