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Children's Hand-use Experience Questionnaire (CHEQ)
CHEQ has been developed for children and adolescents with decreased function in one hand to evaluate the experience of children and adolescents in using the affected hand or hand prostheses in activities where usually two hands are needed. CHEQ is FREE and available in 13 languages. The user can get the summary report with totals core ?for each scale directly after answering the questionnaire.?
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created Feb 14, 2019
How to Hold a Crayon Poster (Free)
This colorful 8X11 printable features a large picture of a hand holding a crayon in a tripod grasp. This is a great visual cue for the children as well as a reminder for teachers to remind their students to "check your grasp".
Activities to Encourage Proper Pencil Grasp Printable (FREE)
This one-page free handout is a wonderful way to encourage carry-over at home. Listing motor activities to work on hand strength, developing the arches of the hand, and wrist stability without using a pencil!
How to Be a Rockstar School Based OT
This is a FREE email series filled with tips and tricks for a new school-based OT, or a veteran OT who is looking for some new ways to get organized, strategies for increasing efficiency, achieving more in your sessions with fewer materials, etc. Plus, get tons of resources that you can use to encourage parent and teacher carryover!
The beginning of the calendar year is a great time to record a snapshot of a child's life. This free printable is available in color and black/white and is perfect to use in a therapy writing session.
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created Jan 26, 2018
The beginning of the calendar year is a great time to record a snapshot of a child's life. This free printable is available in color and black/white and is perfect to use in a therapy writing session.
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created Jan 26, 2018
Wikki Stix Finger Obstacle Course Building Fine Motor Skills
Wikki stix are a popular tool (and toy) for occupational therapy pediatric practice. This fun way of creating and following an obstacle course will encourage the development of fine motor skills, visual motor planning and eye/hand coordination!
Best Toys for Fine Motor Skills Needed for Pencil Grasp and Handwriting
What fine motor skills do Occupational Therapists consider when looking at pencil grasp and handwriting? What are the best toys to encourage fine motor skill development? Find a comprehensive explanation and list on the Your Kids OT blog.
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created Jan 26, 2018
FREE Winter Writing Worksheets: Fix the Mistakes
Worksheets to work on common writing mistakes: Letter height, Letter sizing, Word spacing, Letter spacing, Line orientation, Letter Reversals. Free to download and print!
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created Jan 13, 2018
Webinars by Gwen Wild, MOT, OTR/L, owner of Sensational Brain LLC
View-On-Demand webinars on topics relevant to the needs of sensational kids! Participants receive a certificate reflecting AOTA Approved CEUs via email.
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created Jan 08, 2018
The Playful Otter (OTR) Blog
This blog is a great resource for pediatric and school-based OTP's as it focuses on off-the-shelf games and toys that are accessible by most. You will learn new ways to play games you already have or learn about a new game to try!
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created Jan 02, 2018
The Best Resources for Pediatric Therapists
The Inspired Treehouse lists a HUGE variety of resources on MANY areas of pediatric OT practice including strategies and tips for fun activities as well as product ideas.
Toys We Love By Skill Set
This blog post by Preferred Therapy Toys recommends toys for fine motor, gross motor/motor planning, social play/imagination, visual, scissors, bilateral, and prewriting skills. Great info!
Fidgets in the Classroom: Why? What? How?
Successfully implementing fidgets in the classroom from an OT and elementary school teacher
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created Dec 20, 2017
Cursive Pre-Writing Lines & Strokes
Free printable to practice pre-writing lines and strokes for beginning cursive skills.
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created Dec 12, 2017
DIY Fine Motor Toolkit
An idea for a DIY Fine motor toolkit, plus free printable download.
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created Dec 12, 2017
Fine Motor Checklists for Ages 0-6
A free printable download of fine motor skills for ages 0-6.
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created Dec 12, 2017
FREE Thanksgiving Themed Visual Perceptual Activity
Designed by a school-based OT, this visual perceptual activity addresses the complex concept of rotation. Children must find which shapes have been rotated and which shape has been "flipped" like a pancake. On page two, children can cut the shapes out and place them on a clock to rotate them to match the figures on page 1 to discover which one has been "flipped". Appropriate for school-aged children 6+ with help.
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created Dec 06, 2017
FREE Holiday Themed Visual Perceptual Activity Packet
Designed by a school-based OT, this 5-page activity packet addresses form constancy, left-right directionality, figure-ground, rotation, tracking, and scanning. All with a holiday twist! Levels of difficulty vary. Some pages are appropriate for preschoolers while others are more complex, for older school age children.
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created Dec 06, 2017
Challenges to Advancing Clinical Reasoning as an Occupational Therapist!
As therapists, we strive to advance ourselves professionally by developing clinical experience and reasoning. Advances in professional experience and clinical decision -making are essential to meeting the needs of clients. Below you will find more information about challenges related to advancing clinical reasoning as an occupational therapist. These challenges are points of consideration that can impact clinical decision-making and reasoning. Once clinical factors are identified, it can be possible to identify and strategize effective means for advancing as a professional.
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created Nov 30, 2017
Ways to Network as a Busy Occupational Therapist
As therapists, we know the advantages of collaborating with others to meet goals. When it comes to our clients, we encourage communicating with others to meet goals, address values related to function, while we network and collaborate with other members of the client’s team. Use these strategies to network with other OT professionals.
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created Nov 30, 2017
Ways to reflect and develop as an Occupational Therapist
For the occupational therapist, clinical experience develops over time. This occurs through learning on the job and applying experiences to situations. Adding evidence-based information into clinical needs and using research-based strategies is another important piece to clinical experience. As therapists, we strive to develop and grow our clinical expertise. However, there can be challenges to professional development; time, cost, energy, geographic location, and limited networking opportunities can interfere with professional growth. One way to overcome these challenges is to make individual professional development a priority by reflecting on clinical experiences.
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created Nov 28, 2017
Navigating challenges in finding Occupational Therapy resources
As therapists, there is a common thread of struggling with time and energy when it comes to finding online Occupational Therapy resources. Many therapists struggle with fitting in professional advancement between work schedules and home life. Take into consideration all that needs to be done for a therapist to maintain licensure requirements, learn on the job, and other efforts for advancing clinical expertise. T
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created Nov 28, 2017
Impact of the Cognitive–Functional (Cog–Fun) Intervention on Executive Functions and Participation Among Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial
This study supports the effectiveness of the Cog–Fun intervention in improving executive functions and participation among children with ADHD.
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created Nov 27, 2017
FREE 'Play Starter Kit'
Download your FREE 'Play Starter Kit' now when you become a Kids Play Space subscriber - a site dedicated to nurturing play and boosting life skills, authored by Anna Meadows, passionate paediatric occupational therapist and fierce play advocate! Families will love these simple, practical printable resources, to celebrate and promote play and childhood development, accessible for free, to all new subscribers!