How to create a blog post

created by TheOTToolbox - Oct 12, 2017

Want to share an activity, intervention, technique, or strategy? Share it here as a blog post! 

How to Write a Blog Post














How to write a blog post

Therapists are creative folks! Some of the most creative people I know are occupational therapists. Share your creativity and expertise with therapists from all over the world by uploading multi-media, detailed instructions, images, lists, tutorials, and more as a blog. 

If you've ever thought about writing a blog but didn't know where to start, here is your opportunity. 

Add a blog post to the resources in The OT Toolbox Community and share your wealth of information, you expertise, and your passion for the profession. We would love to see it! 

Before you start writing, be sure to read about the Terms of Use regarding blog posts here on The OT Toolbox Community. There are some important rules that need to be followed when writing blog posts. These rules cover the etiquette of blogging as well as some important factors that could keep you from being liable in copywrite issues. 

Steps to Write a Blog Post On The OT Toolbox Community

Have an idea, intervention strategy, great activity, cool craft, list of information, or tutorial you would like to share? Share it as a blog post. Here are the steps you need to take and important things to keep in mind when authoring your blog post.

1.) Once you have an idea for a blog post, you can click on "Create a Blog Post" under the top drop down menu. A blog post draft will open up and you are ready to start.

2.) On the editing page, add a title for your blog post. The title should describe the activity/list/tutorial in descriptive terms. Write a title using terms you would search for in your Google search bar when looking for the information your blog post is about. 

3.) Add a description for your blog post. The description should include the keywords that make up the content of your blog post. If you are writing a blog post about a fine motor craft, write a description that depicts this: "A fine motor craft for kids that strengthens intrinsic hand muscles and builds fine motor skills needed by students receiving school based occupational therapy."

4.) Add content to your blog post. Use keywords that describe the activity or blog content. Reuse the words that are used in the title of the blog post. 

5.) Content should be written much like an outline. Use headings for sections of the content. The dropdown box titled "normal" includes headings that can be used for sections of the content. Smaller text indicates subheadings. 

      Heading 1

        Heading 2

           Heading 3

6.) The dropdown box titled "styles" allows content to be stylized including highlighted text, italics, etc. Simply highlight the text you want to stylize and click the appropriate style from the dropdown list. 

         Italic text

          Boxed text

              Highlighted text

7.) Other styles such as bold, underlined text, crossed text, numbered lists, bulleted lists, indented text can be modified using the buttons in the editing box. 

8.) Add links from other websites/blogs as a reference or for more information related to your blog post. To add a hyperlink, add text for the link and click on the link icon. You can change the text to read the title of the site you are linking to or keywords that depict the link. 

9.) When your content is completed, add a few pieces to the sidebar before saving your blog post. You can author your blog post under your profile name to build authority as an OT Toolbox Community member or you can write the blog anonymously by using the drop down box.

10.) Finally, add categories to your blog post. This will be descriptive terms and how your blog post is found through search on The OT Toolbox Community. Think of general terms such as "fine motor skills", "pediatrics", "crafts", "bilateral coordination", etc.

How to Add Pictures to Your Blog Post

Add images to show how a craft/activity/intervention strategy/etc is depicted. Click on the image icon in the editor box. Click on "upload" and upload an image from your phone, email, computer. Images should NOT be copied/pasted/linked from other sources online such as websites or blogs. This is a copywrite issue and can get you in trouble with the image owner. Note: as indicated in the disclaimer/Terms of Use, The OT Toolbox Community/The OT Toolbox is not liable for images that are not properly uploaded. If you have a question about how to upload an image, ask as a comment to this blog post. 

Images can be shared on social media outlets. Consider using images that work well on social media outlets such as Pinterest (long, rectangular images) or Facebook/Twitter (square images). These are great ways to "show off" your creativity in therapy and to build social influence as an Occupational Therapy practioner and influencer.

How to Save a Blog Post

When you are finished with your blog post, click "Publish". Your post will now be visible on the resources section under Blogs and by category search throughout the site. If you would like to unpublish the blog post, simply click "unpublish" until you are ready to publish the post. 

To edit a published blog post, locate your blogs under your profile. After changes have been made, click "Save".

Finally, have fun and be creative.