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Impulse Control Journal

Kids struggling with impulse control?

The Impulse Control Journal is a self-regulation tool that will help:

  • Children who have boundary issues

  • Kids learning about self-control or who struggle with carryover of skills learned during one-on-one therapy sessions

  • Kids with impulse control challenges that lead to safety concerns or learning issues...

The Impulse Control Journal is your ticket to helping kids manage their impulses, strategize ways to "shift gears", and learn valuable lessons in self-regulation.

Price: $7.99

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Details about The Impulse Control Journal:

▪ 12 page impulse control journal for kids to keep track of their day 

▪ Encouragement cards that can be cut out and laminated 

▪ Daily Must-Do sheets for keeping track of tasks 

▪ Daily Chore Charts 

▪ Weekly Goal Sheet 

▪ Daily Goal Sheet 

▪ Daily Journal Sheets

The impulse control journal is perfect for kids who: 

  • Grab items from other kids 
  • Lack a sense of personal boundaries 
  • Show poor self-regulation of emotions and sensory input 
  • Have difficulties with delayed gratification 
  • Struggle with carryover of impulsivity strategies into general situations 
  • Interrupt others or act out in the classroom



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