Basing treatment intervention and practice on the evidence is essential as therapists. This space on The OT Toolbox Community is an area for community members to share and access evidence-based practice resources. Have a resource to share? Add it here. Imagine if all of us added articles and research backed by science. This space would become a valuable tool for promoting and enhancing the profession of Occupational Therapy!

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Examining the Neuroscience Evidence for Sensory-Driven Neuroplasticity: Implications for Sensory-Based Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents
"The review focused on sensorimotor-based neuroplasticity; explored the data that addressed the links among sensory input, brain function, and behavior; and evaluated its relevance in terms of supporting or refuting the theoretical premise of occupational therapy using an SI framework (OT/SI) to treatment."
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created Jan 17, 2018
Sensory Modulation and Affective Disorders in Children and Adolescents With Asperger’s Disorder
"The data (from this study) supports positive relationships between anxiety and sensory defensiveness in all age ranges and a relationship between depression and hyposensitivity in older children. Stronger inverse relationships were apparent between specific adaptive behaviors..."
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created Dec 30, 2017
Results of Research on Tapping Touch
Changes in anxiety levels, psychosomatic senses, psychological states as a result of tapping touch
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created Dec 19, 2017
A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of the Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy for Children With Sensory Modulation Disorder
"Twenty-four children with SMD were randomly assigned to one of three treatment conditions; OT-SI, Activity Protocol, and No Treatment. Pretest and posttest measures of behavior, sensory and adaptive functioning, and physiology were administered. Findings suggest that OT-SI may be effective in ameliorating difficulties of children with SMD."
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created Dec 09, 2017

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