Basing treatment intervention and practice on the evidence is essential as therapists. This space on The OT Toolbox Community is an area for community members to share and access evidence-based practice resources. Have a resource to share? Add it here. Imagine if all of us added articles and research backed by science. This space would become a valuable tool for promoting and enhancing the profession of Occupational Therapy!

Contribute evidence-based resources to the community:

A Sensorimotor Program for Improving Writing Readiness Skills in Elementary-Age Children
"This article discusses a writing readiness program used with three groups of children aged 5 to 7 years. The program combines occupational therapy treatment with a supplementary program implemented by school personnel or parents. The Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration–Revised (Beery, 1982) was used to measure the developmental level of the children’s writing readiness skills before and after treatment. "
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created Dec 12, 2017
Perceptual-Motor Function of School-Age Children With Slow Handwriting Speed
"This study investigated differences in perceptual-motor measures and sustained attention between children with slow and normal handwriting speed and the relationship between these factors."
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created Dec 12, 2017

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