Basing treatment intervention and practice on the evidence is essential as therapists. This space on The OT Toolbox Community is an area for community members to share and access evidence-based practice resources. Have a resource to share? Add it here. Imagine if all of us added articles and research backed by science. This space would become a valuable tool for promoting and enhancing the profession of Occupational Therapy!

Contribute evidence-based resources to the community:

Review of case study reports of children with RSD
0 votes | 7  views
created Jan 17, 2018
Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: Issues in Community Function
"In this article, school-based therapists are urged to look beyond a child’s motor limitations to address the cognitive and neuropsychological problems typical of this population."
0 votes | 13  views
created Dec 30, 2017
Considerations in Evaluation and Treatment of the Child With Low Vision
"...early intervention of the child with visual impairments should involve a holistic approach that addresses both the development of vision and the general development of the child "
0 votes | 22  views
created Dec 30, 2017
Pediatric Occupational Therapy in the Home
"This article discusses the challenges and implications for pediatric practice in the home. "
0 votes | 30  views
created Dec 30, 2017
Occupational Therapy Home Programs for Cerebral Palsy: Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial
Study showed that ...."Pediatricians can advise families that OT Home Programs developed with a collaborative, evidence-based approach and implemented by parents at home were clinically effective if implemented 17.5 times per month for an average of 16.5 minutes per session."
4 votes | 27  views
created Dec 08, 2017

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