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Children's Hand-use Experience Questionnaire (CHEQ)
CHEQ has been developed for children and adolescents with decreased function in one hand to evaluate the experience of children and adolescents in using the affected hand or hand prostheses in activities where usually two hands are needed. CHEQ is FREE and available in 13 languages. The user can get the summary report with totals core ?for each scale directly after answering the questionnaire.?
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created Feb 14, 2019
Toys We Love By Skill Set
This blog post by Preferred Therapy Toys recommends toys for fine motor, gross motor/motor planning, social play/imagination, visual, scissors, bilateral, and prewriting skills. Great info!
Left Right Together... A Comprehensive Guide to Bilateral Integration!
Hand preference, crossing the midline, bilateral coordination are all related concepts. Read about the development of bilateral coordination, development of hand preference and common classroom problems, There are over 50 activity suggestions here as well as a link to the popular "Bilateral Integration and Laterality Reference Sheet".

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