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How to Be a Rockstar School Based OT
This is a FREE email series filled with tips and tricks for a new school-based OT, or a veteran OT who is looking for some new ways to get organized, strategies for increasing efficiency, achieving more in your sessions with fewer materials, etc. Plus, get tons of resources that you can use to encourage parent and teacher carryover!
FREE Winter Writing Worksheets: Fix the Mistakes
Worksheets to work on common writing mistakes: Letter height, Letter sizing, Word spacing, Letter spacing, Line orientation, Letter Reversals. Free to download and print!
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created Jan 13, 2018
Christmas Activity Sheet
I've created an activity sheet that would work well on the Christmas table with your kids! Therapists may like to use it their sessions or give it to their students as a holiday activity. There is plenty to do on the activity sheet including a find-a-word, gingerbread man search, colouring and drawing! Your child can work on their visual perceptual skills as well as pencil control whilst having fun with this activity sheet! Get your FREE copy today!
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created Nov 21, 2017

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