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FREE Thanksgiving Themed Visual Perceptual Activity
Designed by a school-based OT, this visual perceptual activity addresses the complex concept of rotation. Children must find which shapes have been rotated and which shape has been "flipped" like a pancake. On page two, children can cut the shapes out and place them on a clock to rotate them to match the figures on page 1 to discover which one has been "flipped". Appropriate for school-aged children 6+ with help.
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created Dec 06, 2017
FREE Holiday Themed Visual Perceptual Activity Packet
Designed by a school-based OT, this 5-page activity packet addresses form constancy, left-right directionality, figure-ground, rotation, tracking, and scanning. All with a holiday twist! Levels of difficulty vary. Some pages are appropriate for preschoolers while others are more complex, for older school age children.
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created Dec 06, 2017
Christmas Activity Sheet
I've created an activity sheet that would work well on the Christmas table with your kids! Therapists may like to use it their sessions or give it to their students as a holiday activity. There is plenty to do on the activity sheet including a find-a-word, gingerbread man search, colouring and drawing! Your child can work on their visual perceptual skills as well as pencil control whilst having fun with this activity sheet! Get your FREE copy today!
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created Nov 21, 2017

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