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Activities to Encourage Proper Pencil Grasp Printable (FREE)
This one-page free handout is a wonderful way to encourage carry-over at home. Listing motor activities to work on hand strength, developing the arches of the hand, and wrist stability without using a pencil!
The Best Resources for Pediatric Therapists
The Inspired Treehouse lists a HUGE variety of resources on MANY areas of pediatric OT practice including strategies and tips for fun activities as well as product ideas.
A Sensory Diet... nothing to do with food!
A "sensory diet" is related to activities that a child performs through the day to help them to "modulate" their bodies - so not food related at all! Over 100 activity suggestions here that may be included in a sensory diet as well as a link to the popular "Sensory Diet Reference Sheet". This popular resource is available to share with parents and teachers and provides a wealth of options within a child's every day life for sensory input.
2 votes | 53  views
created Nov 22, 2017
1 vote | 10  views
created Oct 16, 2017
Quick Ways to Calm Down
Sensory solutions based on sensory processing theory designed to calm children, using a sea theme.
1 vote | 19  views
created Oct 16, 2017
Crossing the Midline Activity
Creative activity to promote crossing midline and integrating the right and left sides of the body.
1 vote | 26  views
created Oct 16, 2017
How to Play With Your Newborn Baby
10 simple ways to play with a newborn baby to promote development and bonding.
1 vote | 7  views
created Oct 16, 2017
Strategies for language stimulation
Use these activities to develop and stimulate language.
1 vote | 1  view
created Oct 16, 2017

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