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How to Hold a Crayon Poster (Free)
This colorful 8X11 printable features a large picture of a hand holding a crayon in a tripod grasp. This is a great visual cue for the children as well as a reminder for teachers to remind their students to "check your grasp".
Activities to Encourage Proper Pencil Grasp Printable (FREE)
This one-page free handout is a wonderful way to encourage carry-over at home. Listing motor activities to work on hand strength, developing the arches of the hand, and wrist stability without using a pencil!
Wikki Stix Finger Obstacle Course Building Fine Motor Skills
Wikki stix are a popular tool (and toy) for occupational therapy pediatric practice. This fun way of creating and following an obstacle course will encourage the development of fine motor skills, visual motor planning and eye/hand coordination!
Best Toys for Fine Motor Skills Needed for Pencil Grasp and Handwriting
What fine motor skills do Occupational Therapists consider when looking at pencil grasp and handwriting? What are the best toys to encourage fine motor skill development? Find a comprehensive explanation and list on the Your Kids OT blog.
1 vote | 98  views
created Jan 26, 2018
Toys We Love By Skill Set
This blog post by Preferred Therapy Toys recommends toys for fine motor, gross motor/motor planning, social play/imagination, visual, scissors, bilateral, and prewriting skills. Great info!
DIY Fine Motor Toolkit
An idea for a DIY Fine motor toolkit, plus free printable download.
1 vote | 80  views
created Dec 12, 2017
Fine Motor Checklists for Ages 0-6
A free printable download of fine motor skills for ages 0-6.
1 vote | 53  views
created Dec 12, 2017
Fine Motor Stations for School and Home
Use these ideas to develop fine motor centers or stations to strengthen and develop fine motor skills.
1 vote | 36  views
created Oct 16, 2017

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