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How to Hold a Crayon Poster (Free)
This colorful 8X11 printable features a large picture of a hand holding a crayon in a tripod grasp. This is a great visual cue for the children as well as a reminder for teachers to remind their students to "check your grasp".
How to Be a Rockstar School Based OT
This is a FREE email series filled with tips and tricks for a new school-based OT, or a veteran OT who is looking for some new ways to get organized, strategies for increasing efficiency, achieving more in your sessions with fewer materials, etc. Plus, get tons of resources that you can use to encourage parent and teacher carryover!
The beginning of the calendar year is a great time to record a snapshot of a child's life. This free printable is available in color and black/white and is perfect to use in a therapy writing session.
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created Jan 26, 2018
The beginning of the calendar year is a great time to record a snapshot of a child's life. This free printable is available in color and black/white and is perfect to use in a therapy writing session.
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created Jan 26, 2018
Wikki Stix Finger Obstacle Course Building Fine Motor Skills
Wikki stix are a popular tool (and toy) for occupational therapy pediatric practice. This fun way of creating and following an obstacle course will encourage the development of fine motor skills, visual motor planning and eye/hand coordination!
Best Toys for Fine Motor Skills Needed for Pencil Grasp and Handwriting
What fine motor skills do Occupational Therapists consider when looking at pencil grasp and handwriting? What are the best toys to encourage fine motor skill development? Find a comprehensive explanation and list on the Your Kids OT blog.
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created Jan 26, 2018
Webinars by Gwen Wild, MOT, OTR/L, owner of Sensational Brain LLC
View-On-Demand webinars on topics relevant to the needs of sensational kids! Participants receive a certificate reflecting AOTA Approved CEUs via email.
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created Jan 08, 2018
The Playful Otter (OTR) Blog
This blog is a great resource for pediatric and school-based OTP's as it focuses on off-the-shelf games and toys that are accessible by most. You will learn new ways to play games you already have or learn about a new game to try!
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created Jan 02, 2018
The Best Resources for Pediatric Therapists
The Inspired Treehouse lists a HUGE variety of resources on MANY areas of pediatric OT practice including strategies and tips for fun activities as well as product ideas.
Impact of the Cognitive–Functional (Cog–Fun) Intervention on Executive Functions and Participation Among Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial
This study supports the effectiveness of the Cog–Fun intervention in improving executive functions and participation among children with ADHD.
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created Nov 27, 2017
FREE 'Play Starter Kit'
Download your FREE 'Play Starter Kit' now when you become a Kids Play Space subscriber - a site dedicated to nurturing play and boosting life skills, authored by Anna Meadows, passionate paediatric occupational therapist and fierce play advocate! Families will love these simple, practical printable resources, to celebrate and promote play and childhood development, accessible for free, to all new subscribers!
Occupational Therapy Interventions for Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder
"In this Evidence Connection article, we describe a case report of an adolescent with autism spectrum disorder. The occupational therapy assessment and treatment processes for school, home, community, and transition settings are described. Findings from the systematic reviews on this topic were published in the September/ October 2015 issue of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy and in AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder"
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created Nov 19, 2017
Free Sensory Processing Email Course
This free 5-day email course provides an overview of sensory processing disorder, the 8 sensory systems, different sub-types of SPD and signs of dysregulation of each system. Includes suggestions for activities to use for each system so you can see what works for your child.
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created Nov 13, 2017
School-based OT handouts - in Spanish
5 School-based OT handouts - perfect for parents and teachers, translated into Spanish. Handwriting practice tips All about shoulder stability Hand strengthening activities 3 Simple tricks to get your child writing How to teach crayon and pencil grip
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created Nov 13, 2017
Free OT Bulletin Board Posters
These colorful posters are perfect for the clinic or therapy room - Just print and hang!
Free Handwriting Email Series
This free email course outlines the 6 components of handwriting, how to teach them, and how to correct the bad habits that children commonly adopt. Includes a freebie packet of parent/teacher handouts.
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created Nov 13, 2017
Alternative Seating Options
Seating options designed to promote postural awareness, trunk strength, & lower body weight bearing to facilitate upper body activation.
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created Oct 16, 2017

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